What to do for a Weekend in Oxford?

What to do for a Weekend in Oxford?

Are you willing to take a walk down the narrow-cobbled streets and discover the sightseeing wonders of Oxford? This is not only a journey; it is a fairy tale that is still to be revealed.

Oxford, a city that is full of academic excellence and mediaeval nostalgia, provides you with numerous attractions that will leave you in awe and offer you moments that you can cherish forever. Imagine yourself wandering through the iconic University colleges, feasting on culinary delights and discovering secret places to visit on the self-guided walking tour in Oxford.

So, let’s explore this guide of the best things to do in Oxford, and begin planning your unforgettable weekend right away!

Day 1: Historical Exploration and Cultural Indulgence

Morning: Time-Travelling Through Oxford’s Past

Start your Oxford exploration with a self-guided walking tour. The historical significance of here is evident when one visits the Oxford Castle and Prison which are both landmarks. Dive into the centuries-old stories, admiring the beautiful architecture and absorbing the fascinating histories of Oxford’s colleges – each of them being a chapter of the book of academic excellence.

Afternoon: A Cultural Odyssey

Get the feel of rich Oxford culture by visiting the world-class museums. The Ashmolean Museum, founded as the first public museum in Britain, is also a must-see due to the fact that it holds an amazing collection of items that date back centuries and across continents. It is followed by the Pitt Rivers Museum, which is another spectacular place packed with anthropological and archeological curiosities that reflect human craftsmanship and variety. These attractions are not only places to “visit” in Oxford, but they are also the doors that open minds to understand different cultures of the world.

Evening: Culinary Adventures

Your exploration of Oxford’s gastronomic offerings will be unforgettable. The city’s culinary scene blends traditional English cuisine with international flavours. Enjoy a delightful meal by the riverside at the Cherwell Boathouse, or embark on a culinary journey along Cowley Road, sampling diverse cuisines. For recommendations on where to dine, the BBC Good Food Guide is an invaluable resource for the best things to do in Oxford.

Day 2: Leisure, Learning, and Literary Landscapes

Morning: Iconic Landmarks

Explore the Bodleian Library, a historic library in Europe established in 1602. As a visitor, you will value not just its historical significance but also its link to modern culture. It served as a filming site for a few Harry Potter films, adding a hint of magic to the ancient walls.

Make sure to visit Sheldonian Theatre, an architectural masterpiece by Sir Christopher Wren dating back to 1664. Beyond being a beautiful sight, this location provides a distinct opportunity to witness the stunning interior and the expansive views of Oxford from its cupola, ensuring a visit that is unforgettable and truly captures the magnificence of the city.

Afternoon: Serenity and Scenic Beauty

Make the most of your afternoon by walking around nature. The Oxford University Parks is a stunning green area where you can have a quiet stroll or a relaxing picnic in the middle of nature. Alternatively, Port Meadow is a place where you can feel the peace of an ancient pastureland which is a perfect activity in Oxford to get away from the city noise.

Evening: A Literary Curtain Call

As the day ends, you can step back in time and enjoy the literary heritage. You can also visit pubs with historical significance like Eagle and Child or Lamb and Flag that were associated with prominent writers like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, both known for writing “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Lord of the Rings” respectively. Imagine sipping your drink at the same place where those literary geniuses once exchanged ideas about their now legendary books.

Beyond the Beaten Path: Unique Oxford Experiences

Delve into the unconventional side of Oxford. Rent a bicycle and ride through the city’s charming outskirts. Discover hidden gems and serene pathways along the Thames, showcasing a different facet of Oxford’s beauty. For more offbeat adventures, Time Out’s comprehensive guide to Oxford offers excellent suggestions.

Oxford After Dark: A Magical Cityscape

Oxford’s evening allure is something out of a fairy tale. The city’s historic buildings and cobbled streets are transformed under the moonlight, offering a mesmerising setting for a nocturnal exploration. Consider joining a guided ghost tour for a thrilling adventure, or simply enjoy a peaceful moonlit stroll, experiencing the city in a new light.

Oxford, with its harmonious blend of historic splendour and modern vitality, promises a weekend replete with discovery, relaxation, and indulgence. From its world-renowned educational institutions to its serene parks, lively culinary scene, and vibrant cultural offerings, the city caters to every taste and interest. For additional inspiration and planning tips, visit Shoot from the Trip’s blog, and don’t miss this insightful YouTube video for a visual preview of your Oxford journey.

Embark on your Oxford adventure and experience a weekend like no other – where every moment is a story waiting to be told.

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